Vegetales con formas curiosas

Looks like you missed a toe there Mr. Potato.

 Is this radish getting a little too cocky for you?

Vegetales con formas curiosas

This strawberry really wants to be a teddy bear. He told me so.

 It’s like half carrot, half Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Whoa Mr. Eggplant… hugs are NOT encouraged.

So a radish and a carrot get into a hot tub…

Goose issues.

The devil is in the...tomato?

 Looks like he has a bone to pick with that wannabe strawberry bear from earlier.

Pinocchio’s got nothing on this eggplant.

Yes, this IS a duck gourd. How could you tell?

Potato bares all…

Run radish...RUN!

It’s like the healthy version of Peeps.

 These potatoes HEART you.

 Nice heimlich maneuver!

What’s up with all these touchy feely carrots?

Cue evil laugh.

 I LOVE PENGUINS. I think this potato must have known that.

You’ve got to hand it to this carrot.

This fleece flower root apparently wants to be a witch doctor.

Vegetales con formas curiosas

This eggplant is entirely too solemn.

The sheep goes... BAAAHHH.

This tomato is working too hard on his duck face.



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