Jamie Salmon’s Hyper-Realistic Sculptures

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Jamie Salmon has always loved being creative, ever since he was a kid. What got him into sculpture was his sudden interest in makeup FX at a young age, after reading an article about it. He was hooked and just had to learn how they did it. So he gathered as much information as he could and just started practicing.3a 3c 3b

Once he’d built up a small portfolio of work Jamie Salmon began approaching FX studios and got little jobs here and there. He met and worked with some amazing artists, all of which inspired him further and pushed him to constantly try to improve his work.4a 4b4c 5a

When it comes to his artistic process, Jamie Salmon says that the most important part is the initial idea behind the work. If it isn’t as strong as possible, then the lengthy process of sculpting, molding, painting, no matter how well done, will be for nothing and the work will fall flat.  SPsil5 SPsil45c5b

This stunning sculptor wants to make pieces that tell stories and move people in some sort of way, not something that just looks very real. Of course, he needs his works to have a certain degree of reality about them, but it`s more of a heightened reality. This is also why he likes to play with scale in a lot of his works as well. It is something that catches people off guard and forces them to confront their ideas about reality, and to also think about the idea behind the work more deeply. Sumo14[7]sumo

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